I would like to share how Anna and Sofia went to the clinic “DOCTRINA” in Saint Petersburg for a course of neurological rehabilitation.
We had already been to the clinic “Doctrina” twice in 2017, and this visit was out third time.
On the first day, a neurologist and a speech and language pathologist performed the necessary tests and prescribed the necessary procedures. Each girl had her own treatment plan.
During the treatment and rehabilitation, Anna and Sofia had their third Tomatis therapy course, a third course of micropolarization, as well as massage, medical exercise, speech therapy and fine motor skill specialist sessions.
The results came fast!!! Before the visit, the girls only spoke in syllables, now they say the whole word, sometimes even two. Their speech comprehension and eye contact has improved.
Sofia didn’t respond to her name and used to be very anxious, but after the treatment she started responding to her name and became calmer, she doesn’t run away anymore. Both girls became more organized.
I would like to thank the “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” and all the people who helped us financially to organize this trip to Saint Petersburg where we were able to receive consultations of highly qualified doctors and real help from specialists.
It is so nice to know that there are so many sympathetic and kind people. Big thanks to all of you!!!!
Kind regards,
Anna and Sofia’s mum