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      What? No wonder that this is actually one of the very boring subs I’ve seen. I submitted a meme about how are the inquis staff bits were afterwards nerf with the meat that was rare meme plus it got removed in 5 mins and gave up making memes with this sub. I do not play oldschool, but I follow the subreddit solely for the memes. I would not mind seeing memes on this particular sub as well. This subreddit is boring. It is, I really head to runescape 2007 just because of their memes and jokes since though I do not play that game I can still understand the majority of the references. Agreed. Never anything else interesting or new to see. Just countless complain articles.

      I wasn’t conscious memes were banned. I love memes!It is interesting looking at the article introducing mods and seeing because. And I really don’t want this to become an post, but I expect I can provide some insight into exactly what the mods want in the sub. However, this is not unbiased, despite my best efforts, so keep that in mind. I are part of the r/runescape community for over 8 decades, can remember the sub hitting 10,000 users, have met others in the sub and formed friendships with several other members, yadda yadday’all are my family and so on.

      Within that timeframe I combined the clan, FC and Discord server; of which I hold some form of moderation position in, all three. This is not meant to be a bragging point, but to provide perspective from where I’m coming from. Anybody who has dealt with me I am acting within my capacity as a moderator will know I’m incredibly (sometimes too? Looking at you 6xx) lassaiz faire, but that is my design. Moderation isn’t moderation.

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