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      Points-contributed is a hard stat to pin down, but in Wilt’s greatest 6-game elongate (which includes his 100 point game) he created 381 points by scoring, and 34 from passing, placing him 415 through 6 matches. The 3pt line didn’t exist back then, but even if we assume all his assists could have been 3’s in this age, that only adds 17 points and still puts him 12 points shy about Dame’s record.And he also nuked OKC last year.He was that the rocket killer first come on.Bru was just casually hitting 6 threes per game lmao.

      the death of Kobe was against the blazers, the first game lakers played. I remember expecting the lakers to perform with a huge chip on their shoulders and smashing the blazers. I had been wrong. Dame shit on us and Kobe would have been proud.Still didn’t get player of the month…I guessed they would’ve skipped the different covers and went with Kobe but I guess as soon as you can charge nearly twice as much to get a bullshit edition you’ve got to take action.

      Precisely this. 2k and I have been playing with for a decade and, as somebody who loves the sport, I can’t imagine the game being more than an cash grab now. They have no incentive to improve the game by releasing recycled content whenever they keep money between updating your MyPlayer and launching packs with VC purchased with real money.

      I only play 2K21 to get MyGM

      Check out for more details.

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