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      paul el watkinss

      I want to explore and find the right light sound therapy for myself. What are the different types of light sound therapy?

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      Full Spectrum Light Therapy
      This light sound therapy treatment modality incorporates the sun’s visible light spectrum and the sun’s invisible U.V. and infrared rays for therapeutic purposes. Treatment with full-spectrum light has shown promise in the following areas:

      Promoting mental health and happiness
      Increased efficiency in the brain
      regulation of hormones
      Boosting restful slumber
      Fostering positive mental health
      Reducing Worry
      Lowering the incidence of SAD (SAD)
      Assisting in the recovery from substance abuse

      Vibrational Light Sound Therapy
      The acupuncture meridians and the chakra system are the targets of these Light and sound wave therapies. Restoring emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual equilibrium can be achieved by using the twelve hues of the visible Light spectrum and the twelve sound intervals of the musical scale.

      Methods of Audiovisual Reinforcement
      A few examples of such methods are:

      Hypnotherapy with a practitioner leading you through the experience
      Neurotechnology for regulating the brain’s wave patterns
      Effects of Binaural Beats
      Audiovisual equipment
      Use of Color as Medicine
      Bulb spectrum extenders

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