While rain, hail and thunderstorms ruled in Rēzekne city and its vicinity, the children of our society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” and their parents in the morning of September 14, despite the weather, went on an excursion to Sigulda.
When everyone had taken their seats, the coach went through Gulbene to our first destination located in the More parish of the Sigulda region – the Mores Museum at “Kalna Kaņēni”. When approaching the museum, our attention was caught by the Red Army tank T-34 at the centre of the open-air exhibition of the museum. Of course, the children also noticed the motorcycles, which we also thought were part of the exhibition, but as it turned out, these belonged to the guests. Here we could see different Red Army technical units from the war and post-war times, German above-ground bunkers, a military cooking pot, or just play on the swings or sit on the benches and quietly observe the small pond and its beautiful surroundings by the museum. The bravest ones looked for opportunities to climb the tank, and it turned out to be possible but required effort to climb up as well as to climb down. We also came across the oldest car in the museum – the Willys; however, we could only take pictures with it. As for the other old cars, the children could also get inside and steer the wheel.
The exhibition on the ground floor of the museum was devoted to the theme of WWII. There were so many things we could see there! Weapons and arrows, military uniforms, and a lot more.
The first floor of the museum hosted a composition of household and artisan objects, exhibitions of the work of the region’s artisans and special souvenirs available to buy. There is also a safari park nearby where we saw deer.
Then we went to the aerial tramway over the River Gauja. This is the only such aerial tramway in the Baltic States. The view from the car on the Gauja valley, the Turaida Castle, the bridge over Gauja, the Krimulda manor and Sigulda’s bobsleigh and toboggan track was impressive. You can also come across a bear on a tree top! The kids and the adults both enjoyed the trip in the tram car!
Then we went to Turaida Museum Reserve. Let’s say it’s quite a walk to the castle! Equipped with brochures which were of little help, we went to the castle! On the way we saw a bath-house, a church, a fishery, the Folk Song Hill, and the apple-tree garden where we tried the apples. The way to the castle was a real test for us and training before climbing the castle tower, which, all together, we successfully did! The view from the tower on the ground is really breath-taking! Sigulda really takes your breath away!
Our last destination was the Painters’ or the Paradise Hill. From the Paradise Hill you can see 12 km away. Over the valley you can see the Turaida Castle Tower, on the ground, at the foot of the bank, you can see the old “Kalna Klauki” houses.
Big and sincere thanks to all the participants, both small and big, who went on this trip, and sincere thanks to the founders of the society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” Edgars and Sandra for the organized excursion, and, of course, thanks to our knowledgeable and nice coach driver Vasīlijs Puķinskis and our long-term cooperation partner SIA “CEF Recruitment” for financial support covering the transportation costs!
Santa, Krister’s mum