The end of 2017 was productive for society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” when established and competent foreign specialists in their fields visited Rēzekne and gave individual consultations for the children and recommendations for the parents.
Society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” has concluded a cooperation agreement with the clinic “Prognozmed” in Saint-Petersburg, and as a result, in December 2015 and in October 2016, specialists from the clinic “Prognozmed” in Saint-Petersburg came to Rēzekne and overall from 30 (thirty) children selected those 16 (sixteen) whom the clinic was able to help. In 2016 and 2017, the society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” organized a donation campaign and 13 (thirteen) children in total from Rēzekne, Līvāni, Ludza, Rīga and Baldone together with their parents went to the clinic “Prognozmed” in Saint-Petersburg for a 2 (two) week rehabilitation course.
On 28 October 2017, specialists from the same clinic came to Rēzekne again, a neurologist Alexander Munkuyev and a music therapist Inga; they examined 14 (fourteen) more children with various autistic spectrum symptoms and determined which of the children the clinic is able to help. As a result, 8 (eight) more families will be able to undergo rehabilitation in this clinic for 2 (two) weeks in 2018.
On 22 November 2017, a child psychiatrist Yuriy Stratovich from Ukraine, the creator and director of the Support Centre for Special Children in Kiev, came to Rēzekne and gave individual consultations to 12 children and their parents. The consultations grew very productive because Dr. Stratovich not only examined the children but also shared his experience with the parents on how to work with these children correctly at home, decreasing their feelings of anxiety and stress. Moreover, all the members of our society now have the opportunity to electronically ask Dr. Stratovich any questions and receive an immediate response.
On 6 December 2018, president of Moscow’s Centre for Autistic Problems Yekaterina Men visited Rēzekne and conducted a discussion with the parents of our society. Instead of the 3 hours planned, the discussion continued for 6 hours because the parents had so many questions, to which they received specific answers. The parents and Ms. Men were satisfied with the interesting and useful discussion, which resulted in an agreement on a repeated visit of Ms. Men to Rēzekne.