Family Day Concert “All Together!”

On 15 May 2018, on the International Day of Families, in the framework of youth initiative project “Rozitten ceļotājs-3”, the youth of Eastern Latvia Technology High School (ATV) organized a concert for the children of society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” and their parents!
During the event, the guests were entertained by Eastern Latvia Technology High School dance troupe and girls’ vocal ensemble, duet – Evelīna Glorija Višņakova and Germans Puncuļs, Rēzekne Secondary School No.6 student Valērija Laganovska, and Rēzekne Catholic Secondary School. A special surprise was prepared by the children of the Autism Support Centre who staged and performed the fairytale “Kolobok” in a new and interesting interpretation, which we have Kārlis Tols to thank for, the actor and stage manager of theatrical studio „Joriks” who works with these children every day in the theatre society! At the end of the concert, all together, as friends, we went to play funny and exciting games!
We are grateful to everyone for their support in the implementation of the project! As the director of Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne Edgars Šilins said: “Thank you for the lovely event and thank you for making the days of our children brighter and full of colours!” We would like to especially thank the youth for the implementation of the project, Maruta Krustāne for the invitation and loving attitude to our children, Eastern Latvia Technology High School director Aivars Vilkaste for showing hospitality, and all the parents and children of society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” who found the time and came to support this lovely youth initiative. Thank you all!