Autumn has come in all its glory – with colourful falling leaves, harvest works and autumnal and bright sun which interchanges with “mushroom” rain. (more…)

Summer twenty-four hours camp “Healing power of nature”

For the second year in a row, the association “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” in collaboration with the Administration of Latvian Environmental Protection (more…)

Two times special kids

Latvian Autism association gives you electronic book “Divkārt īpašie bērni”, this book were made with psychologist Zane Kronberga, future psychologists Sintija Ērgle, “ASNI” fund and many others. ipasie-berni-2015.pdf

(Русский) В Латгалий помогают детям страдающим аутизмом

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Sand healing power

  The project aims to provide sand cinema demonstrations and organize workshops for children with special needs.