I would like to share my review of our trip to medical centre “Doctrina” in Saint Petersburg where all the doctors do their jobs from the bottom of their hearts.
We found out about the centre a while ago, but decided to go after a consultation with a neurologist at the Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne.
On the first day we received all the necessary tests and consultations. A speech and language pathologist and a neurologist, based on the test results, prescribed the necessary procedures, and then the girls at the reception gave us a list of classes for the following day. All the specialists are very nice, sympathetic and endlessly patient.
All procedures or classes take place in one building. We were prescribed: Tomatis therapy, classes with a speech and language pathologist, massage, medical exercise, oxygen therapy, micropolarisation. More information about these procedures can be found on www.7771616.ru.
The centre has a play room, an equipped kitchen, coffee machines, as well as Venden type water machines. There is the HELIX lab across the clinic if tests are required. At a 500 metre distance there are cafés where you can eat in or get a takeout. We were living in a flat, not far from the clinic.
And most importantly, the results…
At the moment we started repeating many more words, started using verbs, forming short sentences; understanding has improved. It is easier to work with the child; she is more patient and attentive. Our sleep quality has improved. Due to the narrowing of blood vessels in the neck, we were prescribed a hyperbaric chamber and massage, as well as craniosacral therapy. At home, blood vessel Doppler ultrasound showed that the problem has been solved – blood circulation is within the normal range.
My daughter started playing with other children in the kindergarten more. Our speech and language pathologist also sees very good changes. It feels like my daughter’s passive vocabulary is breaking loose.
I am very glad that this window has opened for us – we can see the sun in our long tunnel. We still have a lot of work to do, but we are not alone and we know where to seek advice.
A huge thank you to our society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” for this opportunity to see highly qualified doctors, specialists who visit from abroad! For the help and advice travelling with a child to another city, for the help with documents! Thanks to all the people who financially support these trips for the kids where they really receive help!
Kind regards, Ksenija’s mum