Thanks to the financial support provided by the Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia, starting from 1 August 2018 until 15 December 2018 society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” will be implementing the project “Support for Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder”, providing FREE sessions for 32 children with autistic spectrum disorder.
The direct target group of the activities implemented in the framework of the project will be 32 (thirty-two) children with autistic spectrum disorder in Rēzekne city, Rēzekne municipality, Ludza municipality, Kārsava municipality, Līvāni municipality, Preiļi municipality, Madona municipality, and Viļāni municipality aged 6 to 18; the parents of the children involved in the project (32 persons total) are the indirect target group, and the informational support provided to them during the project will directly affect the implementation of the project and in the long-term also the maintenance of the results.
The total project funding is EUR 9000.00, which is going to be spent on the payment for the work of the following specialists:
Special education teacher Ilona Bruskovska
Music teacher Iveta Ķepule
Speech-language pathologist Baiba Čodore
Ergotherapist Liene Bikerniece
Psychologist Aija Brokāne
Physiotherapist Aivars Kaupužs
Massage therapist Aldis Ciukmacis
Theatre class teacher Kārlis Tols
Self-defence class teacher Viktors Kostins