Autumn has come in all its glory – with colourful falling leaves, harvest works and autumnal and bright sun which interchanges with “mushroom” rain.

Daylight is becoming shorter and night-time – longer. However, it was not an obstacle for the families of the association “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” to come together and spend a wonderful Saturday.

Thanks to funding of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, Rēzekne City Council and SIA „Projektēšanas birojs AUSTRUMI”, as well as collaboration between the associations “Pilot of Latgale”, “For Strong Family” and youth centre “Friend Centre”, an entertaining event for the families, which bring up children with special needs, was organized. The day started in the aerodrome “Mežāres”. In Latvian, there is a saying “Courageous persons own the world”, and our children definitely own it! During the panorama flights, fascinating views could be seen – it was an opportunity to observe lakes, fields and autumn nature of Latgale from a bird’s-eye view. Every face expressed pleasant excitement which was interchanging with a smile and sparkling eyes. There is no greater happiness in the world than see you child so joyful and excited! It was an opportunity to combine pleasant and useful activity, because, after the exciting flights, informative lectures, as well as excursion in the aerodrome, were offered for children.

The day continued with an excursion to carting circuit of Rēzekne, where children could drive pedal go-karts as they wish and participate in various outdoor activities (entertainment and games for children, common grilling of sausages, activities with a short parachute, etc.). At the end of the event, we were driving with a “Friendship train” and looking for lanterns, which were levitated in the air successfully. Guntars Skudra with his family took care about the surprise – lovely gifts for children.

Many thanks to all families that participated, as well as thanks to everyone who took part in organization and implementation of this event!

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On behalf of the association –

Samanta Gaile, Renārs’s mother