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Dear Sir or Madam,
From its very beginnings, Society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” did not organise conferences, seminars, or lectures, but performed real individual work with each child; all the funds at our disposal have been directed at inviting specialists and paying for their work to provide these children with quality individual sessions for FREE.
From October 2015 until May 2019, 98 children with special needs attended at least one session in our class, including children from Rēzekne, Ludza, Viļāni, Kārsava, Preiļi, Daugavpils and other regions, even from Rīga and Liepāja, and we would like to continue this work. The quality process of all the sessions, as well as the payment of all the taxes, requires EUR 1500.00 a month. Information about the Society is available here:
Moreover, appreciating the fact that in 3 years 22 families sent by our Society have already been to the St. Petersburg clinic, the clinic “Prognozmed” is ready to rent us BAC and TOMATIS devices for a very low price to perform the procedures here in Rēzekne, and as a result, many families will not have to travel to Russia anymore but will be able to undergo the procedures here in Rēzekne, after a consultation with the specialists from the clinic, of course.
We have already sent our specialist to this clinic for training, and since December the BAC procedure is already available in Rēzekne. In cooperation with St. Petersburg clinic “PrognozMed”, the Society rents specialised equipment from the clinic to successfully perform BAC (Bioacoustic correction) for children here in Rēzekne, and as a result, many families do not have to travel to St. Petersburg more than necessary, thus saving their time and money. The monthly cost to rent the equipment is EUR 450.00.

To continue this process, we need to send a specialist to the Russian clinic who will be specially trained to work with TOMATIS devices. The training lasts for 10 days; the total cost for 1 person is about EUR 2000.00 (including accommodation, transportation, and training).
We do not want to make a business on the account of these children, which is why we are looking for supporters who will be able to help train specialists, so that they can provide these services for as low remuneration as possible here in Latvia at our Society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne”, instead of creating their own private practices.

If you wish to support the work of our Society and the efforts to improve the lives of people with autistic spectrum disorder, you are kindly invited to support the Society with a donation! The Society has the status of a social benefit organisation, which means you are also entitled to tax discounts.

A transfer can be made to the following bank account with the comment “ziedojums” (donation):
Name: Biedrība “Autisma atbalsta punkts Rēzeknē”
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By helping others, you are helping yourself!

Kind regards,
Society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne”
Board member Edgars Šilins
Phone: 26184413





Anastasija Burova, age 4, Rezekne


The necessary sum: 2748.33 EUR
Donated: 1680.00
Donors: Prikule Laura, Svetlana Nesterova, Roberts Švānbergs, Tauriņš Aivars, Velta Zaļūksne, Vladimirs Ivanovs, Silvija Kuzmina, Svetlana Musatova, Kaspars Purvlicis


Anastasija is diagnosed with antenatal CNS damage. At the age of 2.5 the girl began to make her first steps. The movements were unstable and tense. At present, Anastasija still doesn’t speak, isn’t able to respond to simple requests, isn’t able to concentrate attention for a long time, has communication problems. All this time the girl has been in continuous rehabilitation, visited a speech therapist, had reittherapy, physiotherapy procedures and worked hard at home, but child’s development proceeded at a very slow pace. Finally, the doctors at the centre of neurology in St. Petersburg gave hope that Anastasija could recover, but to make it happen, she needs to undergo the course of procedures that requires considerable financial resources.