About us

The Association „Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne” („Autisma atbalsta punkts Rēzeknē”) was established on 27th February 2012 in Rēzekne. The aim of the Association is the protection of interests and rights of persons with autistic spectrum disorders (hereinafter as ASD).

There are many families in Latvia with children and teenagers having functional disorders. For all these families to be happy means to see their children well again after some serious or incurable illness, but to achieve this target, families lack necessary financial means.

The main targets of the Association „Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne is to gather information and render some help to families, having children with special needs (disability), to promote physical and mental development of disabled children having autistic spectrum disorders by involving necessary professionals, as well as to promote the integration of these children into the system of comprehensive education and society in general.

The aims of the Association include also Exchange of information among similar organizations, as well as awareness campaigns.

The Association has a status of public benefit organization. For the present moment the Association involves 18 members.  The major partners are SIA „Rehabilitācijas centrs Rāzna”; „Zanes Ludboržas mūzikas skola”, fund „Ziedot.lv”, Youth open centre „Jacis”, „Latvian Autism Association”.

The Association is supported by the fund organization „Ziedot LV”, Latvijas vides aizsardzības fonds, SIA „Rehabilitācijas centrs Rāzna”, Rezekne City Council, when it implements various projects.