Easter holidays

In the afternoon of April 18th, after the spring Easter holidays, an Easter event was organized for the members and friends of the Society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzekne”. It started with a small holiday concert where Rolands Naglis gave a performance playing the guitar and singing, and Iveta Ķepule with her students was playing the piano and introducing everybody to the music of different genres. A.Ušpelis created a lot of joy with the members of the theatre, performing a theatrical play called “The Old Man’s Mitten” created in the Easter mood. A.Ušpelis invited the children and their parents to dance and play together.


After so much movement and joy, the tired guests had a treat offered by SIA “Lapizza” – delicious big pretzels and pies. In the holiday mood the children and their families played different board games, participated in egg fights, and simply enjoyed being together, which is so rare in everyday haste. Big thank you to the girls from the Red Cross Rēzekne unit Eva Rubene and Marija Kaļiņina for engaging and playing with the kids. Thanks a lot to Edgars and Sandra for this brilliant opportunity to get together in this everyday haste and share positive emotions and the feeling that an understanding shoulder is right beside you.


Speech-Language Pathologist Laura Bērziņa