29.12.23 The “Autism Support Point” society’s 🌲 tree and New Year’s ringing 💥 party took place. Parents and children gathered at the tree, as well as teachers and guests of honor. Our society’s annual supporters and benefactors ❤SIA MIDIS – Nikolajs Pušniakovs – chairman of the board and Valerijs Sherkins – member of the board, who presented our children with New Year’s gifts and 💖🤩💥 Invaluable, much needed in the development of children, a special device BARBOLETA – a balance platform for focusing attention, motivating, memorizing information. The MIDIS SIA team supplemented this method with interactive software that promotes the persistence of attention in children A pleasant and 🤩💖 sweet surprise was also provided❤ by Rēzekne council member and chairman of the board of the “Together Latvia” party Aleksandrs Bartaševičs. At the Christmas tree party, the children were entertained, amused, and distributed gifts💖💥🤩 WikiShow animators. Children and parents went to play, had fun, and improved the next year’s symbol – the dragon, and recited poems to the old man. The core of our association – 🤩💖💥Teachers sang a song and wished well. The whole event was managed and organized🤩💖💥 by Edgars Shilins, the head of the “Autism Support Point” association, and Aivars, Sandra, Andris helped in its progress, Markus filmed the event. In the happy, warm atmosphere of the party, children and parents danced, had fun and received gifts. We say thank you very much 😇🤩💖 to all the supporters, benefactors, teachers, everyone who gives their support and warmth to our cool children and us parents! To the parents, thank you for being together and endurance. May the activity of our center continue in the New Year and everyone’s dreams come true! 💖🧡 💛💚💙