PICNIC on the island of Success! Have a nice day!

Thanks to the owner of Veksmes sala, Irena, for the fantastic, beautiful place. 🌼Hot tub for the owner Inga, for the warm tub. 🌼Aldi, Oļeg, Jānis for baking sausages and treating all the guests, ☘️Aivaram for leading the fun games and taking the boat out, ☘️ Kārlis for the Sirtaki dances and games, ☘️ Skaidrīte, Oleg for making the delicious Mojito, ☘️🥂Renār for taking the children by boat , 🌿To all parents and children for a fun and interesting time spent together. 💥🌼To Edgar and Sandra for organizing the picnic🌼. To Markys for shooting the video.🌼 Thank you for being together!