Activity Week “ADAMOVA-2021”

We would like to thank our teachers Aivars Kaupužs, Aldis Ciukmacis, and Māris Klaučs for the exciting sessions and help organising outdoor activities; Inga Vilkauša, Viktorija Šelomijenko, and professor Mārtiņš Gulbis for the entertainment shows for children and parents; Irēna Seimane for the opportunity for the children to ride pony Berta; the sympathetic Latvian Red Cross team led by Gunta Stepiņa; our nice driver Vasīlijs Puķinskis and Arnolds Šķerskāns for the excursion. Of course, big thanks to our supporters SIA “Light Guide Optics International” and SIA “YARR GAMES” for financial support. Thanks to the parents and the children for active participation, friendship, and perseverance in all activities. Thanks to the catering company “Pumpuri” for tasty lunch and to Sandra and Edgars for planning and organising the activities!