Society “Autism Support Centre in Rēzeknē” received a special invitation from the Latvian Disabled Children and Youth Sport Federation, and thanks to the support of Rēzekne City Council, in the early morning of 15 November 2017 six families went to Rīga, to Elektrum Olympic Centre, to participate in sportsfest “Come and Do Sports for Pleasure!”
According to the summary of the final information on the participants, 486 participants from 35 places took part in the sportsfest. 292 of those were representatives of institutions in Rīga. Together with 114 judges, 162 educators, parents and assistants, there were 762 people at the Elektrum Olympic Centre.
Our children were real ATTABOYS and ATTAGIRLS because each of them participated in almost all 30 sports activities planned, even despite having to wait sometimes for a long time in the queue. Before the trip we, the parents, were worried how it would turn out, how it would go, a large Olympic centre, many participants, but all the worries of the parents disappeared when the first sports activities started because the children were gladly doing what they had never even dared to do before, which made the parents very happy and proud of their children.
The society is grateful from the bottom of its heart to Rēzekne City Council, especially the executive director Raimonds Oļehno, who on a short notice helped us settle the issue of transportation, Jolanta Rimša for her care and support, and the driver Staņislavs for his patience during the trip. A special thanks to our group leader Aivars Kaupužs for the opportunity to take part in this interesting event and to all the parents and children who dared to go and participate.